Mobility is key throughout holiday planning among UK residents, with 38 percent of all UK travel searches last summer being made on smartphones and tablets.

The Bing Ads UK Travel Insights Report reveals that search data from the past year shows ‘sharing economy' search volume grew by 70 percent year-on-year which was the fastest when compared with hotels, cottages or accommodations. Having post-weekend blues, consumers seeking a getaway from the daily grind drove a peak in travel searches on Monday and Tuesday.

Britain's older generation of travellers 65+ are shown as also becoming more acquainted with the sharing economy services as searches have increased by more than 170 percent year-on-year, almost double the growth of those between the ages of 25 to 34.

Mobiles and tablets maintained notable volume shares on flights to Rio de Janeiro and Olympic searches for summer 2016 with 21 percent and 26 percent for mobile and 11 percent and 13 percent for tablet respectively.

Popular TV series could possibly be a major influence on UK consumer destination decisions. Flight searches for Tenerife, the location for BBC's The Night Manager, have grown by 29 percent in April 2016. Flight searches for Belfast, a major filming location for Game of Thrones, rose 19 percent in January 2016 likely due to the popularity of the HBO series.

“We've seen a steep rise in the popularity of the sharing economy. Evident through the search volume it is not viewed as a viable alternative to a hotel, or villa. As we see an increased interest from older generations, it demonstrates the opportunity that exists for marketers within the wealth of information search data unlocks to help understand these behavioural shifts and ensure they are capturing relevant audiences with the right content,” said Minal Fofaria, head of EMEA insights at Bing. “Our latest insights into consumer choices when it comes to summer holidays demonstrates the cross-platform approach consumers take to holiday planning. We also know popular culture, such as television shows, play an influential role in consumer purchases highlighting a need for marketers to be nimble in their approach and timing when reaching their audiences to deliver engaging content in the right place online.”