Shavlik Technologies has announced the launch of NetChk Protect 7 that features integrated next generation anti-virus and anti-spyware with a patch management solution.


Integrating the VIPRE engine from Sunbelt Software, NetChk Protect 7 delivers the new technology in a single agent and is intended to provide comprehensive protection against today's modern threats but is light on system resources.


Shavlik claim that the suite is intended to help organisations remain proactive, ensuring systems are fully patched and properly configured, while allowing them to be reactive with an anti-virus and active protection solution.


Chris Schwartzbauer, vice president and vulnerability management expert at Shavlik Technologies, claimed that it was launched following the evaluation that organisations have struggled to get their arms around the entirety of the vulnerability management problem.


Schwartzbauer said: “People are still struggling on the challenges to the basic configuration; the customer tells us that if they could take our knowledge and use our profile in a product it would work. They tell us that they need anti-virus as the code is becoming bloated and taking up space and it is tough to manage. So we said, could we do it better?


“We have the right and the functionality to do so, and can now do all that is needed for an endpoint solution that works in an un-intrusive way. It is completely configurable, if you have to deploy patches within five days of release then an organisation can specify what the policies are and what anti-virus, applications and patching are applied.”


Nancee Melby, senior product marketing manager at Shavlik, said: “We took a step back and saw what customers were asking for and what components they needed. Every time you access a file, it will analyse it for a virus or worm and also analyse it to see if it is ‘known good software' or ‘known black software', it is also able to automate from when the problem is detected.”


Alex Eckelberry, CEO of Sunbelt Software, said: “This partnership is a natural step for both companies. The combination of our two solutions offers a robust, stable and simple-to-use platform that provides comprehensive and powerful endpoint protection against today's complex malware and hackers intent on stealing sensitive business information.”