Shavlik Technologies has announced a million-dollar promotion to encourage customers to replace existing anti-virus, patch and configuration management solutions.

The Shavlik rebate offer ‘Cash for Clunkers' will provide up to $4,500 savings on Shavlik software for qualified customers. The company has committed $1 million to the programme's funding in order to provide immediate relief to IT departments struggling to simplify their processes for handling anti-virus, patch and configuration management.

Mark Shavlik, CEO of Shavlik Technologies, said: “If you own an existing solution that is forcing you to spend too much time, money and IT staff on critical IT operational tasks, our 'cash for clunkers' programme is for you.

“We are reaching out to those IT departments tired of coaxing overblown systems management ‘suites' into doing a job they were not designed to do and whose bolt-together mentality has forced them to spend more time tweaking and tinkering than getting real work done. We're putting our money where our mouth is to prove to these IT pros that AV, patch and configuration management can be accomplished a simpler, faster and more effective way.”