Shavlik has announced the launch of the latest version of its NetChk Protect to support energy saving control on unused machines.

Version 7.5 of Shavlik NetChk Protect helps to eliminate security gaps and barriers to greener IT with a solution that integrates patch management, anti-virus and power management.

Nancee Melby, Shavlik's director of product marketing, explained that after using its technology to manage patching and discover both machines running on the network and software running on them, the next thing for customers was the ability to take a machine that was not critical to the operation but was in direct conflict to maintain the health of the machine.

Melby said: “Unless you have an agent on the machine, and most companies will not, what we have learned is that people do not want multiple agents but they will make sure it is not on. People will come to Shavlik for our patching capability but want to tackle critical tasks, in the US less than ten per cent of companies that have energy saving features actually use them, and they are not being patched at the end of the day.”

Shavlik estimated that $2.8 billion is lost through unused, unpatched computers being left on. According to the company, Shavlik NetChk Protect 7.5 seamlessly integrates scheduled changes to power state (shutdown, sleep, hibernate) and wake on LAN to power machines on for regular maintenance.

Mark Shavlik, CEO of Shavlik Technologies, said: “We have learned from utility companies and our customers that the need to automate the deployment of security patches has forced some energy savings ambitions off the agenda. By integrating these tasks with patch management in a centralised, easy-to-use console, we can make those green IT initiatives viable.

“We are developing Shavlik NetChk Protect to simplify IT management tasks by making it possible to tackle more of them together. By centralising management, we move tasks from the ‘can't do' list to the ‘job done' list.”