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Why SIEM is no longer enough for today's threats

Modern security operations centers need to shift from traditional SIEM-driven SOCs to Intelligence-Driven SOCs says Yitzhak Vager.

How to avoid legacy IT costing your business more than money

There's no need to update valid technologies unless the cost of maintaining them outweighs the upgrade cost. Take into account some legacy systems can increase your vulnerability if not designed for the current threat landscape.

Overcoming data overload in cyber-security

Faced with a shortage of skilled IT security staff, prioritising alerts can be an important strategy. By creating a set of defined processes and routines, security teams can review sets of data regularly in order to spot anomalies

The curse of the ex-employee - A horror story

Some departing employees have no loyalties to their previous employer, so it is imperative that deprovisioning employees' corporate access on their last day is an absolute priority.

Threat hunting? Ditch the SIEM and use the principles of Big Data

The human is the most essential part of any security programme and they need frictionless ways to work with data, be more productive, secure their environments, and apply their own methods to their tools says Josh Mayfield.


In this issue's reviews, we have a pretty good mix of pure-play, hybrid SIEM/UTM and next-generation tools, says technology editor Peter Stephenson

Does your MSSP have you covered?

There are many managed security services on the market - the variety and scope of which can be confusing. Luke Ager considers what matters most.

RSA: Change - it's a mindset, not a technology problem

The threat landscape has changed and we have to constantly challenge the existing thinking to get ahead of our adversaries RSA president Amit Yoran told delegates on Tuesday.

Keeping the cyber bandits at bay with Big Data

Big Data security analytics could trump SIEM solutions in the battle to keep out cyber attackers.

Two in three companies 'blind' to data breaches

Trustwave's annual Global Security Report reveals that the number of data breaches is increasing, and yet a significant number of organisations remain blind to the threat, or unable to detect what caused the intrusion.

Big Data: A big deal?

IT decision makers are leveraging Big Data security analytics tools to serve up more information on threats, reports Doug Drinkwater.

Security tech budgets rising, says new study

Information security budgets will increase in 2014, with 45 per cent of organisations planning to spend more this year and only 11 per cent cutting back, according to the latest Information Security Study from 451 Research.

RSA 2014: Sharing data key to beating APTs

Collaborative sharing of security data across enterprises, countries and industry sectors in a single big data store will be the future of protecting against advanced persistent threats, RSA delegates were told today.

What keeps IT managers awake at night?

How do they get any sleep at all asks Andy Aplin who advises CISOs to deploy dynamic security systems and strategies and choose an approach which complements the organisation's specific business needs and vulnerabilities

SC Awards Europe 2014: The first finalists announced

The first finalists have now been shortlisted for this year's SC Awards Europe 2014. Scroll down the page to see what awards are up for grabs...

Coping with chaos

It may be a time of great change for the infosec industry, but advice on achieving the budgets needed to keep up with new threats remains remarkably consistent, reports Thomas Brewster.

Bit9: A lack of insight into endpoint threats requires greater intelligence for users

Users are blind to threats that occur on the endpoint and require intelligence to understand the threat, according to Bit9.

HP seeks secret sauce to fill the gaps

Attending a recent social event, I was able to get together with some major names from IT giant HP.

Security and legal professionals claim 24-hour breach notification will not be a complete burden

The proposed 24-hour breach notification law will be a challenge for smaller businesses, but not for enterprises.

Big Data awareness week further highlights challenges

Businesses across the UK are failing to turn the data at their disposal into a competitive advantage.

BAE Systems Detica launches cyber event analysis tool

BAE Systems Detica is to launch a tool that combines Big Data analytics with event analysis and investigation tools.

Gartner conference: Integrate IAM and SIEM to prevent APTs

Properly integrated identity and access management (IAM) and security incident and event management (SIEM) can assist in combating modern targeted attacks, as well as doing the traditional functions.

Essex fire service deploys LogRhythm SIEM for compliance and monitoring

Essex County Fire & Rescue Service deloys integrated log management and security information and event management (SIEM) solution from LogRhythm.

RSA combines SIEM with incident visibility to create Security Analytics

RSA has combined technology from the acquisition of NetWitness to create a granular analytics platform.