Siemens Enterprise Communications has deployed multiple FortiGate network security appliances for its OpenScape Cloud Services.

The FortiGate-1240B appliances will provide rich functionality to support voice-over-IP, UC and application data for Siemens, which said it required security and reliability for its OpenScape Cloud Services, as well as performance and scalability.

Andreas Seum, vice-president of converged networks and security at Siemens Enterprise Communications, said: “On a technical level, the FortiGate appliance proved to uniquely function in compliance with the SIP standard and support all the voice and UC application functionalities without impairing the performance or reliability of our communications solutions.”

In Germany and the US, Siemens Enterprise Communications deployed multiple clusters of FortiGate-1240B network security appliances for high availability, ensuring the reliable protection and controlled accessibility of its data centers.

The FortiGate clusters act as central firewalls for the OpenScape Cloud Services and primarily provide firewall, VPN, IPS, and SIP VoIP security.

Patrice Perche, senior vice-president of international sales and support at Fortinet, said: “Siemens Enterprise Communications is a long-standing customer of ours and we are very pleased to now secure its latest cloud computing service.

“Our technology integrates key high-performance functionalities, such as VoIP security and virtualisation, which uniquely help carriers and service providers secure cloud infrastructures and deliver cloud security services.”