Voice encryption vendor Silent Circle has announced the launch of a management console for better provisioning of apps and services.

According to the company, this will enable companies to buy, assign and manage multiple licences for employees using its peer-to-peer encrypted Silent Phone and Silent Text mobile apps on their personal or employer-issued devices.

It also claimed that this allows users to deactivate any accounts created and assigned through the console, while console administrators cannot access employees' communications and enables quick, easy and centralised deployment of Silent Phone and Silent Text for organisations dealing with growing mobile programs.

Jon Callas, CTO and co-founder of Silent Circle, said: “Businesses and government agencies continue to be our fastest-growing customer base and we've designed the Silent Circle Management Console to give these users a centralised, seamless means of provisioning our apps and services to support employees according to their specific roles and risks.

“Now organisations can quickly turn to Silent Phone and Silent Text as key complements to existing mobile device management solutions and crucial safeguards for employees' personal, unmanaged devices inevitably used for sensitive communications.”