Security company Prefix IT has added a website-blocking feature to its network management tool.

PrefixNE v3.5 will include an employee-monitoring function that is claimed to block and control access to websites, such as Facebook, MySpace, eBay and YouTube, as well as applications including Skype and MSN.

The software will notify managers, via a screen pop-up or email, should a member of staff access a prohibited website and can shut down banned applications, according to the company.

PrefixNE v3.5 can spot if employees are opening emails from social networking sites during working hours. IT managers are not notified if the message is previewed, but an alert will be triggered once it has been opened.

The updated product also allows IT managers to create analysis reports and tailor policies to specific company needs, Prefix said.

PrefixNE v3.5 is available now on a modular basis for £0.25 - £2 per computer per month.