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ICYMI: Spyware; US data law; NSA tools hack; Games DDoS'd; Skills gap

In Case You Missed It: Spyware in 1,000 apps; US global data grab; NSA tools used to hack hotels; Warcraft DDoS'd; Students narrow skills gap

Students offer hope for narrowing of skills gap in cyber-security

Today's A level results report Maths as the most popular A level with maths and further maths having nearly 25 percent more entries than in 2010 - bodes well to narrow skills gap - but concerns remain and alternatives touted.

Effective incident response: not as easy as it seems!

Given shortages of skilled staff, Ryan Benson says we need to change processes or adopting new technologies then get better at managing data at scale, at automating the tasks that slow down analysts.

ICYMI: Skills gap? Mirai; GDPR; £14.5m centre; ApplePay vulnerable

In Case You Missed It: Skills gap real? Mirai hits DT; GDPR ignored; £14.5m cyber-centre; ApplePay vulnerable to two threats

Is there really a cyber-skills gap or is it just a marketing ploy to sell certs?

As the government heavily invests in supplying enough staff into the cyber-security industry to keep everyone safe, one question remains: are we trying to solve the wrong problem?

GCSE computing exam entrants falls, infosec job recruitment in trouble

The new GCSE was meant to have provided pupils skills for the future, but no one is doing the course, where did we go wrong?

ICYMI: SC Awards, iPhone hack, Trump's $1.5bn, skills gap, Ubiquiti flaw

In Case You Missed It: SC Awards Finalists; 200 m icloud accounts breached; Trump cybersec spend; overcoming skills gap; ubiquity flaw

UK digital jobs growth brings cyber-skills shortage front and centre

The UK now has 1.64 million digital tech jobs, the increase is set to bring the current cyber-skills shortage front and centre.

Women represent just 7% of European cyber-security workforce

Proportion of female cyber-security workers in Europe among lowest in the world; while gender pay gap is the highest as female cyber-professionals earn approximately 15 percent less than men.

Why it's vital to galvanise a new generation of cyber-security pros

Adrian Adair explains why the future of stopping cyber-crime lies in the ability to inspire a wealth of new cyber-security personnel.

UK approaching skills 'cliff edge' as cyber workforce ages - report

As world faces shortage of cyber-security experts, the UK is faced with a rapidly ageing workforce, leading to prospect of workers retiring faster than new ones can be hired.

Cybersecurity unemployment rate at zero

Given the widely publicised skill shortages, it should come as no surprise to find no unemployment in cyber security.

The cyber-security skills gap: maximise value from the team you have

Nik Whitfield says before you worry about whether you have enough people with the right skills, worry about how people who have the most skills are spending their time - and why.

ICYMI: Russian cyber-weapons, Sage breach, the skills gap, team viewer and more Snowden

This week: cyber weapons of the battlefield, TeamViewer being used for nefarious ends, an insider breach at Sage, How to close the skills gap and some fascinating insight from the leaker of all leakers.

QA providing 10,000th Apprentice in Technology on 18 August

According to a recent government report, the UK needs another 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017.

Digital skills shortage poses a security risk

The Commons Science and Technology Committee reports that by 2017, the UK will need 745,000 more workers with digital skills and warns that organisations lacking the necessary digital skills face increased security threats and failed cloud migrations if the problem is not addressed.

SC job board launched for information security professionals

Haymarket and SC Magazine launch SC Jobs - a new job site dedicated to information security professionals.

ICYMI: EU CPNI directive; Euro 2016; Health hit; Expertise absent; Travel risk

The latest In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) looks at EU cyber-directive; Sports targeted; Health most breached; Orgs lack expertise; Travellers at risk

Only one-third of US, UK companies use an infosec professional

Nearly half of US and UK companies do not have access to an in-house cyber-security professional within their IT department, according to a recent survey.

UK Cyber-security after Brexit: May not be as bad as it first appears

It's difficult to predict how the global and British economies will react to Brexit in the long run, however UK Cyber-security has every chance of staying in very good shape says Ilia Kolochenko.

Video: ISC(2) CEO David Shearer says APAC suffers from same cyber-skills gap

ISC(2) CEO David Shearer says APAC suffers from same cyber-skills gap despite putting out more qualified STEM majors.

IBM's AI Watson might be solving cyber-crime by end of year

Artificial intelligence could make catching hackers more elementary but will cyber-criminals adopt the technology and could it make cyber-security professionals redundant?

Video: New EPQ offers students equivalent of cyber-security AS level

To address the urgent need for more young people to enter the cyber-security industry, the Cyber Security Challenge UK and partners have launched the new EPQ qualification.

CyberCenturion crown goes to team from Gibraltar

CyberCenturion 2016, the competition which started with around 50 teams, was narrowed down to the final 10 who competed today at Bletchley Park for the crown.

CISO salaries and demand for cyber-skills skyrockets, surprising no-one

Two new reports from recruitment company BeecherMadden have shown demand for cyber-skills to be rising massively with few able to meet that demand while CISO salaries are also going up.

Updated: 2016 will be a very good year for cyber-security professionals

Christmas comes early and often for cyber-security professionals as Manpower releases labour survey showing how they can command day rates of £3000-£10,000.

Surprises abound in global survey of cyber-security skills

Raytheon's global survey of cyber-security skills has confirmed a gender gap in education, uncovered surprise growth in Middle East skill sets and revealed ambivalent attitudes to cyber-security among so-called millennials.

British intelligence services opening the doors to next generation cyber spooks

British intelligence services GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 has decided to start growing its own cyber talent by creating its own Higher Apprenticeship.