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The secure state of security: closing the security skills gap

Developers aren't choosing to ignore security issues - they don't have the skills or resources to create secure code due to a critical deficit in developer security training, especially how to manage vulnerable components effectively.

Budget: tech & skills investment welcome, why no mention of cyber-security?

The UK Chancellor Philip Hammond, announced his autumn budget today, and while it was a pro-tech budget, he had nothing to say specifically about cyber-security, hence the industry has had a lot to say about his plans.

Bring technologists quickly into leadership positions says ex GCHQ head

News Feature: Interview with ex-GCHQ director Robert Hannigan CMG; tech leaders on the board; terrorists to achieve ability to wreak cyber-chaos in 5 years; DDoS as smokescreen/DDoS Awareness Day; active cyber-defence.

Closing the skills gap to secure the future - invest in people

Doug Wylie says organisations must invest in security skills now, to secure their systems for their future, noting companies have invested in tech for a workforce not trained how to securely operate and maintain these systems.

Top 10 most desired traits for cybersecurity job candidates

Continuous learner, persistence, curious and perceptive are among the top traits sought by employers when appointing a cyber-security professional as Doug Olenick reports.

Google security veteran warns AI cyber-defences won't help

More talent, less technology is the best strategy for keeping networks safe. Rather than use AI, companies are better off paying a bunch of junior engineers to patch vulnerabilities all day says Heather Adkins.

Overcoming the cyber-security skills gap: experience vs qualifications

When it comes to overcoming the cyber-security skills gap, experience has been shown to be more important than people getting degrees and certifications.

Apprenticeship Levy set to provide the funds to close the skills gap

Stefano Capaldo suggests that the Apprenticeship Levy will provide a massive opportunity to close the cyber-skills gap, but do businesses realise that?

Confronting the challenges of the 2016 cyber-security landscape

Oscar Arean explores how businesses can overcome these challenges so that they can ultimately protect their business from cyber-threats and data breaches.

The challenges of recruiting senior cyber-security experts

James Flew of Metzger Search and Selection discusses reasons for, and challenges of seeking out the right cyber expert to join your company at senior level.

Report reveals most desired IT skills and job titles

While the tech industry continues to grow, the skill sets of the average employee should grow as well. The demand for IT skills is bound to have an impact on new or existing salaries and job titles.

Solving the IT skills crisis: the five skills businesses need IT to master

Nigel Hawthorn discusses the IT skills crisis and the five skills that will become vital to businesses operating in the cloud

82% of global IT pros admit to a shortage of cyber-security skills

On a global scale, the UK IT industry is the least satisfied with its education system. Only 14 percent of UK IT decision makers (ITDMs) feel that the UK education system fully prepares professionals for the cyber-security industry.

62% of IT leaders expect non-tech people to join their teams soon

In the aftermath of Brexit, UK companies potentially face a huge challenge as HR and IT leaders are experiencing a tech talent shortage. Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of IT leaders expect to see a rise in people from non-tech backgrounds entering their teams over the next two years as the IT skills shortage increases.

Surprises abound in global survey of cyber-security skills

Raytheon's global survey of cyber-security skills has confirmed a gender gap in education, uncovered surprise growth in Middle East skill sets and revealed ambivalent attitudes to cyber-security among so-called millennials.

Country's largest cyber security organisations collaborate to design cyber-security challenge

In effort to find the UK's upcoming talent, country's largest cyber security organisations collaborate to design cyber-security challenge.

Global cyber-security skills shortage leaves Australia open to attack

The Commonwealth Bank warns that a global cyber-security skills shortage could pave the way for additional high-profile computer attacks in Australia.

Exclusive: NCA losing cyber-crime officers to Met's Falcon

The much-vaunted National Crime Agency, often described as 'Britain's FBI', has lost several officers to the Met Police's Falcon Squad, as 'bored' investigators look to go more hands-on with cyber-crime cases.

Japan to train thousands on cyber-security ahead of 2020 Olympics

Japan will train approximately 50,000 people in the public and private sectors on cyber-security ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, according to local reports.

UK government launches cyber-security initiatives for SMEs and students

The UK government today launched a new set of initiatives designed to improve SME information security, public and private sector cooperation and to encourage more people to join the industry.

Cyber-security pros blame breaches on skills gap

The much-publicised information security skills gap shows no sign of slowing down, with one new report suggesting there will be a shortage of 1.5 million trained professionals by 2020.

GCHQ hiring InfoSec pros for new Manchester office

GCHQ has opened a new site in Manchester and is already looking to hire software developers, engineers and information security professionals to fill the space.

UK firms turning to cyber-security contractors

New research reveals that UK firms are turning to contractors to plug the widening skills gap in the cyber-security field.

ICYMI: The security blame-game, Cyber Monday, DDoS attacks & Sony's breach

This week's In Case You Missed It looks at the five most popular articles on SC, including the launch of a new cyber-security degree, new ATM malware and Sony's latest data breach.

Women in cyber security: Changing pathways and perceptions

Security consultant Dr Jessica Barker says that the next step to getting more women into cyber security hinges on changing minds and career pathways.

Cyber Security Challenge joins with GCHQ for security development programme

The Cyber Security Challenge is linking with GCHQ to develop counter-espionage and cyber security skills for the real world.

Cyber security skills gap a 'legacy problem'

The much-debated cyber security skills gap was the topic of debate at two separate conferences in the UK on Tuesday.

More jobs but cyber security skills gap widens

There's an increasing demand for cyber security specialists in information security, but the challenge remains bringing the right graduates into the fold.