Skimmer adware spent two months in Google Play

News by Robert Abel

Checkpoint researchers spotted a malware, dubbed Skimmer, in the Google Play store which uses a unique and innovative tactics evade detection.

Checkpoint researchers spotted a malware in the Google Play store, dubbed Skimmer, which uses a unique and innovative tactics evade detection.

Skimmer uses advanced logic to display illegitimate ads to the user, without raising suspicion, and raising the probability that users will click on them, according to a 8 March blog post.

The adware also has the ability to tracks a user's location and actions, and can execute code from its Command and Control server without the user's permission, researchers said in the post.

Researchers also noted that while other forms of adware rely on mass distribution to generate larger profits, Skimmer infects fewer users while generating that same amount of revenue while lowering the chances of being caught.

The malware was embedded in an app that provides game related features and was downloaded by more than 10,000 users while avoiding detection for two months. The malware has since been reported and removed.

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