Skybox Security has announced a new version of its Network Assurance product to offer improved visibility and analysis of enterprise network infrastructure.

According to the proactive security risk management company, Network Assurance 5.5 offers new functions, including modelling of cloud connections, visualisation of risky access paths and platform configuration checks for routers and switches. It said that Network Assurance 5.5 can be used independently or with Skybox Firewall Assurance for network-aware firewall management, or with Skybox Risk Control for vulnerability and threat management. The new technology is available from May.

Michelle Johnson Cobb, vice president of worldwide marketing at Skybox Security, told SC Magazine that the purpose of this new version was to give organisations greater protection against advanced persistent threats and hacking to give situational awareness.

The addition of cloud modelling allows security teams to use Network Assurance 5.5 to include network paths connecting through cloud-based services in security policy checks. 

Gidi Cohen, CEO of Skybox Security, said: “We are exploiting capabilities on two main areas: cyber security and cyber threats; and the network infrastructure with a focus on the cloud. We have added a new capability to obstruct what goes into the cloud and allows organisations to understand how to control the visibility and how it is structured.

“Tests can be run on the infrastructure while the traffic visibility is all about simulation, you can predict how the traffic will flow and where it will go. You can look to where it might be blocked by a firewall or switch and if you want to do forensics and understand how traffic moves from point A to point B you can see where there will be potential change. Anything can be tested and you can see the potential impact on new devices.”

The company also said that Network Assurance 5.5 adds map-based controls, including a new visual overlay of Access Analyzer, Skybox's patent-pending analytics for network access paths. The visual interface allows users to find all reachable IPs from any device, examine risky access paths or troubleshoot connectivity issues.

“The combination of rapidly changing network infrastructures and sophisticated cyber threats creates a nightmare scenario for enterprises. Security teams need advanced tools to find and resolve misconfigurations and access policy violations in their network infrastructure, before those risks can be exploited,” said Cohen.