Slimware Utilities launches free cloud-based cleaning software this week at Black Hat conference

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This week's Black Hat conference in Las Vegas will see the launch of a company providing cloud-based products and services to secure PCs and a consumer's identity.

This week's Black Hat conference in Las Vegas will see the launch of a company providing cloud-based products and services to secure PCs and a consumer's identity.

Slimware Utilities said that its technology is essential for running a clean, fully functioning computer. Available as a free download as a public beta, SlimWare Utilities products will be available free for consumers to download and include the SlimCleaner and SlimComputer.

Chris Cope, CEO of Slimware Utilities, told SC Magazine that the products use the cloud and crowd-sourcing and are a real-time access solution to clean computers and while using the public cloud, it also creates a semi-private cloud.

He said: “It runs on any Windows operating system, it cleans out the browsers and as per your optimisation it can clean out your servers. It analyses your system and cleans it from malware so you will be able to see your servers. There is no segregation, it is all there in the interface.”

SlimCleaner gathers data using cloud technology and a community-based approach to make a unique, personalised optimisation to the software and to users' computers. In addition, the hijack section of SlimCleaner scans a computer to locate all start-up locations, internet settings, network settings, system services, browser plug-ins and other Windows settings that can been modified or ‘hijacked' by third party or malicious applications.

SlimComputer removes unused, pre-installed software from new computers for faster start-up times and enhanced performance. In addition, SlimComputer maintains stripped-away programs in the cloud for re-install later, if desired by the user. It said that SlimComputer removes the bloat and its cloud storage design lets consumers pick and choose any programs they want to re-install for a personalised, customised computing experience.

Meanwhile the company has also launched SlimDrivers, which makes hardware such as printers and sound and video cards work better. It repairs connections between an operating system and computer hardware, and again uses crowd-sourcing to spider and aggregate millions of devices.

Cope said: “Community-based input will revolutionise PC performance. Our crowd-sourced approach lets users rate different applications and functions, leveraging the power of community for the first time in PC repair and maintenance.

“Because we're cloud-based, we can combine all the tools that consumers need for repairing and updating software and hardware to provide the best, fastest, most convenient computing experience in an easy, one-step process.”

Asked why Slimware Utilities had chosen the Black Hat conference to launch rather than more security focussed shows such as RSA and InfoSecurity, Cope said: "We chose Black Hat to power the community and reach the upper echelon of IT problems. We want to infiltrate the community and we are really focussing on IT professionals and computer enthusiasts, people who care about this."


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