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4G vulnerabilities put mobile users and even Smart Cities at risk, study

Despite keeping the world constantly connected, 4G networks are still plagued with weaknesses that leave entire mobile networks and future "Smart Cities" open to fraud and other attacks.

Researcher hacks city's WiFi service using buffer-overflow exploit

As a growing number of cities provide free WiFi networks become, a security researcher demonstrated his successful hack of his city's WiFi network.

Industry wary of Smart City security

The security industry is watching the growth of smart cities with increasing suspicion. Their gripe? How to defend them.

Cities planning transparency laws for police surveillance tech

In cities around the US, campaigns are being mobilised to allow greater accountability when it comes to surveillance policy.

Smart cities still dumb enough to be hacked

The root of the problem with malicious smart city hacking lies in the fact that sensors typically collect 'raw' data and then merely pass it on.