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Samsung Tizen OS found to contain over 40 zero-day vulnerabilities

Samsung's smart device operating system, Tizen - designed to replace Google's Android OS - is the "worst code" ever seen, says security researcher.

Industry wary of Smart City security

The security industry is watching the growth of smart cities with increasing suspicion. Their gripe? How to defend them.

Cold case: Finnish police advise owners to store smart keys in fridge

Finnish police are advising owners of cars with "smart" locking systems to put the keys in the fridge when they are at home.

We have the power: 'Smart' sockets could be enslaved to create botnet

Bitdefender has discovered vulnerabilities in a popular brand of 'smart' electrical socket which could lead to attacks on your local area network or the recruitment of the IoT device as part of a global botnet.

Smart cities still dumb enough to be hacked

The root of the problem with malicious smart city hacking lies in the fact that sensors typically collect 'raw' data and then merely pass it on.

Comcast XFINITY flaw sounds Internet of Things security alarm

The recently discovered flaws in Comcast's XFINITY smart home technology was met with the comment that yes, but everyone else is just as bad. Why should this be true of IoT devices?

RSA: Securing Smart Cities - no turning back

Industry giant, Dr Taher Elgamal spoke at RSA's conference on his idle thoughts of the future of smart cities

Google login credentials at risk from smart refrigerator hack

Hackers recently uncovered a man-in-the-middle vulnerability in a Samsung smart refrigerator.