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Bristol launches 'smart' city amid privacy doubts

Bristol has launched a 'smart cities' project that will see a software-defined network facilitate machine-to-machine learning for a future of driverless cars, assisted living and real-time healthcare. But where does that leave citizens' privacy?

Smart meters steal our data say consumers

Consumers have become smarter about the use of their data - and as a result they don't trust smart meters according to a new report.

Why smart meters need smarter security

Internet-connected smart meters are gaining traction in the energy space but security must be considered, says Rueven Harrison.

UK cyber experts star in BBC 'house of hacking horrors' test

Security experts from Sophos, NCC Group and Nettitude have taken centre stage in an experiment run by the BBC to find out how insecure smart home devices like TVs, fridges and webcams are.

Calculating the cost of privacy: lessons from Hurricane Sandy

It was estimated by the US Department of Energy, that 8.2 million homes were left without power as a result of Hurricane Sandy.