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RedDrop malware runs up big bills on Android smartphones and spies on users

Researchers warn that malware could be used to blackmail users. New malware has been discovered that could eavesdrop on Android smartphone users and run up huge bills.

Smartphone sensors exploited to steal login PINs

Researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore developed a technique to leverage a phones sensors to guess a user's PIN code.

Spanish research tool probes smartphone electromagnetic emissions for encryption keys

Spanish researchers are developing a tool that will scan smartphones for 'electromagnetic emanations' that could be used to obtain encryption keys as part of an attack.

Is Android security really too difficult for Motorola?

Motorola has, perhaps strangely, concluded that it will not be releasing monthly updates for its new Moto Z smartphone. A strange thing to announce, according to the wider industry

New smartphone case tells users when their phone is being hacked

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden and hacker Andrew Huang have co-designed a smartphone case that tells its owner when their phone is being hacked.

Viking Horde: are mobile botnets a thing now?

As mobile devices become ever more powerful, they are increasingly being targeted by botnet operators as the ideal members of their zombie armies.

Video: Now the corporates are also threat actors, says Mikko Hypponen

Following Mikko Hypponen's presentation at IP Expo Europe, entitled "Securing Our Future", he elaborated on the theme of threat actors - both corporate and otherwise - in a video interview with

Snowden smartphone allegations - security world unimpressed

Edward Snowden's appearance on last night's Panorama, and his phone hack allegations fail to shock security experts.

Fingerprints only ever part of the solution, whether Android or Apple investigates the real value of biometric IDs, particularly fingerprints, on smartphones.

How overcoming security challenges improved customer experience

In the age of connected objects, social networks, smartphones and new consumer behaviours, the IT security department has an increasingly important role for enterprises across all sectors, says Thierry Bettini.

Samsung keyboard vulnerability exposes triple whammy mobile flaw

Researchers at NowSecure have uncovered a vulnerability in the stock keyboard that is pre-installed on 600 million Samsung devices, including the new Galaxy S6, that can apparently enable a remote arbitrary code execution attack.

Leaky Bluetooth smartphones & wearables can be tracked from 100m away

Researchers at Context Information Security have discovered that smartphones, tablets, iBeacons, fitness trackers and other wearable devices using embedded Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) could potentially be tracked from 100m away.

Fujitsu adds iris scanning to smartphone biometrics

Smartphone users could be offered a new way to protect their devices. Fujitsu is set to introduce iris-scanning technology for phones as an alternative security measure.

New security concerns on air-gapped laptops and smartphones

Security researchers believe that hackers could intercept and read the low-power electronic signals emitted by laptops and smartphones - even if they're not connected to the internet.

87% of top Apple iOS apps have been cracked

Attacks on Apple iOS devices are rising sharply, with 87 percent of the top 100 paid-for iOS apps now having been cracked and cloned - up from just 53 percent in 2013, according to a new report.

Mobile flaw means 92% of Gmail accounts are hackable

Researchers with the University of California's College of Engineering and the University of Michigan have identified a weakness they believe exists across Android, Windows and iOS operating systems that could allow malicious apps to obtain personal information.

CISOs offered new way to secure Android devices

US and German researchers have come up with a novel way to secure the notoriously flaw-ridden Android - a framework that allows corporate and other users to rapidly add security enhancements to Android devices without having to touch the firmware or operating system itself.

Industry divided as Met Police recommends smartphone PINs

After two years of quietly lobbying mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, the Metropolitan Police have gone public with its request for all mobile phone vendors to implement PIN protection as a default setting on a handset.

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New surveillance law proposed to track mobiles

The three main political parties in the UK are in talks about introducing a new emergency law that would require phone companies to log records of phone calls, texts and internet usage.

Is your smartphone really switched off?

"Anyone with an understanding of embedded systems could develop the technology to hibernate, rather than switch off, the handset" - Rob Bamforth, Quocirca

Mobile guidance on encryption/VPN from CESG

The CESG, the security offshoot of GCHQ, has published in-depth guidance for users of laptop, tablet and smartphone operating systems, offering specifics on how to deploy and use the operating systems on a mobile platform.

Phone 'tilt' sensors can be used to track you

A team of US researchers has revealed that attackers can use smartphone and tablet 'tilt' and 'swipe' motion sensors - which cannot be blocked - to secretly track users.

Android phone makers accused of ignoring security

MWR researchers hack the "best" new Android devices and say: "there will be a lot of issues like this."

Android 5.0 to support business features?

Widely reported changes to the next version of Google's Android are starting to make the operation system "look like a professional platform", say analysts.