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Rethinking security - How SMBs can benefit from managed security services

Many SMBs conclude that the best way to gain proper protection is through a managed services approach and more managed service providers (MSPs) rising to the challenge and adding managed security services says Mike Puglia.

Regulatory compliance: Are small-to-medium sized businesses ready?

SMBs in the UK with operations or supply chain in the EU need to focus their attention on GDPR and security posture; there is a level of scrutiny around data management that many SMBs are unlikely to have experienced before.

Unaware & Under Attack: Why Small Businesses Must Wake Up To the Cyber-crime Threat

Sian John discusses why SMBs should care about having security measures to protect their business since if they fail to comply to with GDPR and other regulations, they can lose a lot of money

Cyber-attacks now cost enterprises US $861K per security incident

On average, a single cyber-security incident now costs large businesses US $861,000 (£652,000). Meanwhile, small and medium businesses (SMBs) pay $86,500 (£65,500).

Australian SMBs must comprehend cyber-security as much as finance

Every day cyber-criminals are benefiting from Australian SMBs that are uneducated and unwilling to properly protect their data.

63% of SMBs are not prepared to counter cyber-security threats

Only 37 percent of respondents in small to medium size businesses felt that their organisation was fit to manage IT security, according to a recent survey.