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Report: enterprises now demanding more stringent security standards

One in 3 SMEs have had their cyber-security precautions questioned as part of winning contracts in the last year, according to a new survey.

Blick Rothenberg: SMEs still not doing cyber-security due-diligence

The advisory, accounting and tax practice warns that SMEs not paying attention to their cyber-security could cost them thousands every year.

Is the security industry failing SMEs?

Kentucky-based CISO says security industry and UK government are failing SMEs in the UK.

ISSE Berlin: Most SMEs do nothing about cyber-security

"There's a lot of great talk, but most companies (SMEs) do nothing (about cyber-security). It's shocking. And the flow down from big companies, passing best practice down the supply chain, is not working," says Dr Emma Philpott

UK government launches cyber-security initiatives for SMEs and students

The UK government today launched a new set of initiatives designed to improve SME information security, public and private sector cooperation and to encourage more people to join the industry.

What immediate action should an SME take to stop a hacker?

SMEs need to be aware of the risks faced, whilst implementing quick and easy protective measures that will make them more secure than the average victim says Chema Alonso

UK government gives fresh backing to Cyber Security Strategy

A revew by the government of its three-year-old Cyber Security Strategy suggests that new funding, more security training and a stronger focus on SMEs is to come in 2015.

NGOs face an uphill battle against state-sponsored attacks

Cyber-attacks pose a serious threat to smaller organisations, especially NGOs, according to a new report from Munk School of Global Affairs.

Britain's small cyber security firms get £4m boost

Business secretary Vince Cable has launched a new £4 million government competition to help the UK's small cyber security businesses find new ways to combat the cyber threat.