The majority of small to medium enterprises are failing to protect their corporate networks.


According to a recent study by Napera, almost three in four companies have no control over WiFi security, while 57 per cent are unable to tell which machines are accessing the network. More than half allow staff to use shared passwords in order to log on over a wireless access point.


Almost half of those surveyed admitted their company does not have a clear policy governing endpoint security, while more than 50 per cent do not check that computers accessing the network are up to date and patched. A fifth of respondents allow unrestricted guest access to the network, leaving corporate data at risk of corruption or exposure.


Pierre Blom, VP EMEA at Napera, said: “Despite the number of security breaches we've seen over the past year, many companies still do not have the policies, practices and solutions needed to protect their network. But by failing to enforce security, SMEs leave themselves open to attacks, which could see their networks or data compromised.

“All businesses should have policies in place to identify and control who and what are accessing the network. Any guest users or remote workers should be checked to ensure their devices are patched and up-to-date, and all individuals should have their own password.”