Many small and medium sized businesses are failing to secure their electronic data, according to a new study by Equiinet.

The figures show that almost half of attempts to recover lost data are unsuccessful and two-thirds of organisations admitted leaving backup media in the same room as their servers.

“Despite a lot of time and effort being spent in undertaking the backup process, older support technologies, such as tapes, do have considerable drawbacks,” said Dave Abbot, product marketing director at Equiinet, the network security appliance company.

More than three-quarters of companies believe they are not responsible for backing up data on employee laptops and stand-alone computers, according to the research.

“Asking users to undertake backups themselves is a recipe for disaster and is particularly worrying given the increasing trend for de-centralised working,” warned Abbot.

However, the research found that 15 per cent of SMEs are already deploying - or planning to deploy – remote backup software.