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Security basics for the small business owner to defeat cyber-terrorists

For a small business owner, the idea of attack by cyber-terrorists can seem overwhelming, but most attacks - 80% - rely on poor security - so by doing the basics, you drastically reduce the likelihood of such attacks being successful.

Why training your employees is the best cyber-security defence

For most small businesses, dealing with cyber-security is new territory. But they don't have to reinvent the wheel. They can gain insights from the trials and tribulations of large organisations who've long been dealing with cyber-threats.

IT security for SMEs in 2018 - information overload

SMEs in particular, face a significant challenge to correlate the output from various systems and interfaces. It is therefore important that the right tools are chosen to empower SMEs to meet these challenges says David Feldman.

Rethinking security - How SMBs can benefit from managed security services

Many SMBs conclude that the best way to gain proper protection is through a managed services approach and more managed service providers (MSPs) rising to the challenge and adding managed security services says Mike Puglia.

Regulatory compliance: Are small-to-medium sized businesses ready?

SMBs in the UK with operations or supply chain in the EU need to focus their attention on GDPR and security posture; there is a level of scrutiny around data management that many SMBs are unlikely to have experienced before.

News Feature: LDSC seeks help tackling SME cyber-crime vulnerability

Initially focused on London's SMEs but with advice & support tools for SMEs around the country, the LDSC is seeking partners to improve the ability of small businesses to operate safely online, vital for them and your supply chain.

38% of small business spend 0 on security; only 5% think they're attacked

91 percent of small businesses report that they have not been attacked, and only five percent admit they have; 38 percent spent nothing whatsoever to protect themselves from cyber-security threats this financial year.

Spoiler alert: SMEs and the threat of ransomware attacks

Most small or medium-sized organisations in the UK have experienced several different security attacks and data breaches in the past year. And more than a third have experienced a ransomware attack reports Justin Dolly

Hackers are targeting SMEs - here's what you can do about it

Steve Nice educates SMEs about the growing security risk of organised cyber-crime and how they can protect themselves.

Becoming a cyber-security 'trusted vendor' will determine SME success

Oz Alashe suggests that the next big battle in cyber-security will be large enterprises ensuring a secure supply chain.

What UK SMEs need from the National Cyber Security Centre - Education

Joe Siegrist shares ideas on how the government could help SMEs train their staff to protect their assets.

SMEs encouraged to bid in €3bn Nato tech refresh, €71m for cyber

Workshops to help SMEs bid for the 40 contracts in Nato's €3 billion tech refresh during this month's NITECT17 conference, with €71 million earmarked for cyber-security services contracts.

50% of European SMEs say data security is a major barrier

Security raises concerns with half of SMEs saying data security is the major barrier between their organisation and the digital workplace. Another 30 percent believe cost is the key issue.

Why SMEs shouldn't be putting cyber-security on the back burner

Andy Taylor discusses the ways SMEs can better protect themselves by placing cyber-security as a top business priority

UK firms unaware on impact of GDPR taking effect in T-minus 2 years

Most (82 percent) of the UK's small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) have not heard of or are unsure about the impact of the GDPR taking effect in under two years.

75% of European SMEs staff confident in their company mobile security

Nearly three quarters (74 percent) of European employees have no concerns about security issues when using a mobile phone owned by their company. Highlighting a significant level of confidence in workplace mobile security strategies, the figure stands at 75 percent for employees at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Small businesses are losing money to cyber-criminals

SMEs are at greater risk from the consequences of cyber-attack, less able to recover, with more mission-critical data on a single machine, so educating themselves about mitigating the risk is essential says Andrew Conway.

City beat goes global

Adrian Leppard, commissioner of the City of London Police, explains to SC's Tony Morbin that crime prevention's mission in cyber-fraud is to help industry protect its information assets - but that international crime and encryption remain major challenges for law enforcement

SMEs under attack from surge in fake invoice fraud

Small businesses have been warned by Cifas and Action Fraud to be on high alert for fake invoices.