So as I was heading back to the office this lunchtime with nutritious snacks in hand, my mobile bleeped with a message that I felt deserved attention on this page.

Ordinarily my junk text usually comes from my service provider, but this one gladly informed me that I may be entitled to a payment for a recent accident.

The message claimed: "Our records indicate you may be entitled to 3750 pounds for the accident you had. To claim for free reply with AID to this msg. To opt out text STOP." Apart from the odd stumble in the street and bashing my knuckles on wall the other day, I don't recall any accident that has happened to me recently - particularly one that I felt the need to tell a total stranger about.

I recently wrote about ‘smishing' but I think I can safely say that this is my first experience of it, however a Google search on the number showed that I am far from the first to receive such a message.

What is also interesting is that most of the messages posted are from within the past week, possibly indicating that this is a new campaign of spam. As unlikely as I suspect and hope most are of responding to this, what is also a concern is what happens if I respond with ‘STOP'? Is that as good as responding with ‘AID'?