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£29.50 per year

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Strengths: Support for all device platforms, documentation light but appropriate

Weaknesses: No encryption included in the product, on the pricey side

Verdict: Very nice, full-featured offering, providing support for most portable devices

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The SMobile Security Shield Enterprise Edition 8.2.2 provides anti-malware, anti-spam protection, firewall, remote lock and wipe, back up and restore, GPS tracking, and a centralised web-based console that gives the IT administrator the ability to fully manage all devices within the enterprise.

Security Shield Enterprise Edition with Policy Management enables an enterprise to control the applications allowed to run on their employee's mobile device. The administrator may block or authorise applications according to a pre-defined policy and can identify and classify every piece of software running on the device.

We loaded the .cab file application onto our Windows Mobile smartphone. The centralised management console was provided as a hosted application. Once the software was loaded we ran through a registration process. We then accessed the management console and our portable device was ready for us to manage. This was the first platform we reviewed that supported all portable device OS options from Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry, to Google Android.

We could set up firewall policy and create profiles based upon defined policies, and could block or allow various applications using the revocation rule. A point guard policy can block unwanted phone numbers from accessing the device.

A handful of default commands can be selected to send to a single phone or any number of selected phones. These commands can be anything from backing up the handset to adding or removing an application, enabling a scan of the entire device or its media, locking and unlocking the phone and GPS locating the device.

Several default reports are available for various alerts and monitoring activity such as device stats, virus scan results and GPS tracking information. No alerting was available upon certain events.

Support is available on an 8/5 basis via email or phone. No upgraded support options were available. The documentation was light yet appropriate since the application load was very easy and the hosted management interface was easy to navigate.

Nice solution providing support for all the various portable phone devices your mobile work force may possess.