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FakeBank malware accesses sensitive SMS banking messages

A newly discovered mobile malware program that primarily targets Russian banking customers can take over victims' SMS capabilities, allowing cyber-criminals to intercept text messages that contain bank security codes.

How organisations can thrive in the time of phishing attacks

Phishing, smishing and other types of malware are not going anywhere and the risks are only going to rise as mobile becomes a primary device for employees. Companies need to get ahead of the issue rather than responding.

SMS touch texting app sends data in cleartext

The popular and inexpensive international texting app SMS touch has been found to send critical data in cleartext making the users susceptible to hackers.

UK iPhone users hit by large scale smishing campaign

As a new wave of smishing - phishing by text message - hits, security experts are urging mobile phone users to report incidents to their communication service providers.

SMS scam targets friends and family of 'Sarah'

Malwarebytes researchers spotted a SMS scam in the UK targeting parents and adults who know someone by the name Sarah.

Telegram API flaw leaks 15 million Iranian users' data

App flaw, use of SMS alerts causes Telegram to lose 15 million Iranian users' data.

SS7 vulnerability defeats WhatsApp encryption, researchers claim

Flaw in the international communications standard SS7 could allow hackers to mimic users and intercept messages on mobile networks.

Android.Bankosy malware targets 'voice' two-factor authorisation

Bank systems using SMS and 'voice' two-factor authentication systems can be hacked by the new Android.Bankosy malware.

Telegram playing cat-and-mouse game trying to curb extremeists accounts

Berlin-based secure communications app Telegram found to be playing cat-and-mouse game in a bid to curb extremists accounts.

Variants now spawning off new Android SMS malware

AndroidOS.SmsThief does what it says on the tin - acts as a thief through SMS, on Android

Update: Hackers create aerial probe to spy on drones

A group of Berlin-based hackers and artists is developing an aerial probe in order to, among other things, monitor aerial surveillance.

Android 'wide open' as SMS attack hits 100,000 users

SMS phishing malware such as the recent Heart App attack - which sent out 20 million messages and infected 100,000 Android users in China - could spread epidemically in future and cannot be stopped even by the newer versions of 'wide open' Android, researchers have warned.

Keeping up with the bad guys

Malware writing has undergone many changes over the years - from hobbyists to a criminal business - with mobile and social now the hot targets, Rob Buckley reports.

Companies warned on dangers of Android...and iPhone too

Massive Android botnet discovered, as APWG chairman warns on dangers of jailbroken iPhones.

Authentication: the Text Factor

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication', said Leonardo da Vinci.