Snooper's Charter News, Articles and Updates

UK's Snoopers' Charter 'inconsistent with EU law' says Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal has found the UK's Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014, known as the Snoopers' Charter, unlawful as far as the prevention, investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crimes are concerned.

Public consultation on Investigatory Powers Tribunal launched

On Friday security minister Ben Wallace launched consultation on the draft revised rules for a six week period during which views are sought on the changes to the rules which govern the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.

Will the Investigatory Powers Bill mean handing over the keys to the kingdom?

Nic Scott discusses how the IP Bill will fundamentally change the relationship between UK citizens and the government.

UK Parliament passes Investigatory Powers Bill

Most MPs in the UK House of Commons have agreed to pass the Investigatory Powers Bill, in a vote of 444-69 in favour, most Labour MPs who had appeared to be against the bill voted in favour of it.

Home Office to offer concessions on IP Bill

Following privacy concerns voiced by the Intelligence Security Committee about the Investigatory Powers Bill, The Home Office Secretary is set to offer concessions on the bill itself with an added privacy clause to limit 'unnecessary' spying.

HITB 2016: John Adams - 'backdoor' security laws unworkable

Bolt Financial's John Adams took the stage at HITB 2016 today to label many governments' drivers for backdoors unworkable

The Snooper's Charter is a tricky subject, not least because of its double standards

Brian Chappell looks at why the backdoors of the Snooper's Charter are so repugnant to tech firms and how it can't be reconciled with the government's own directive to businesses to protect people's personal data.

UK public approve of Investigatory Powers Bill 'in spirit'

Though deeply unpopular in some circles, a new YouGov poll has shown broad approval for the enumeration of government surveillance powers in the Investigatory Powers Bill.