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Snowden film fails to shed light on essential questions

Oliver Stone's latest foray into political pseudo-documentary filmmaking presents a one-sided account of a formative moment in history.

Past behaviour did not stop leaker from accessing sensitive NSA Data

The NSA's latest alleged leaker apparently had a variety of issues, including alcohol abuse and criminal charges, which did not cast doubt on his security clearance.

Former NSA deputy director talks Snowden, pardons and privacy [Video]

Chris Inglis, former deputy director at the NSA, says the organisation had not been prepared for an insider threat of the magnitude of Edward Snowden and rejected calls for him to be pardoned.

NSA contractor nabbed for pilfering agency codes

Harold T. Martin III, 51, who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, was arrested after an FBI search of his home and car uncovered an abundance of highly classified documents, which Martin was not authorized to have

ICYMI: Russian banks, Singapore, ransomware on campus, gaming hacks and more Snowden

This week: Russian banking legislation, Internet shutdowns for singapore, Ransomware on universities, gaming hacks and the Shadow broker.

Shadow Broker's leaked files confirmed real by Snowden docs

A dubious offering by a dubious group calling themselves The Shadow Brokers has been at least partly legitimised by disclosures from Snowden's 2013 leak

ICYMI: Russian cyber-weapons, Sage breach, the skills gap, team viewer and more Snowden

This week: cyber weapons of the battlefield, TeamViewer being used for nefarious ends, an insider breach at Sage, How to close the skills gap and some fascinating insight from the leaker of all leakers.

Snowden says Shadow Broker leak is likely a warning from Russia

The leaker to end all leakers has taken to Twitter to provide some insight in to the recent high profile auction of NSA hacking tools.

New smartphone case tells users when their phone is being hacked

NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden and hacker Andrew Huang have co-designed a smartphone case that tells its owner when their phone is being hacked.

Clapper: U.S. mulling ways to disclose info on Americans caught up in gov't spy net

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence has said that the government is considering ways it might disclose information about Americans under government surveillance

Domestic spying internationally: Three years after Snowden

Nearly three years on and the world still finds itself tackling the consequences of the Snowden disclosures reports Max Metzger

Email server hack behind Panamanian law firm leaks

The names leaked from the email hack on Mossack Fonseca include many of the world's rich and powerful

The Power of Privacy: review

The Guardian and Silent Circle have teamed up to bring 'The Power of Privacy',a look at the world of cyber-security and the future of our data.

Current and former CIA directors blame Paris on Snowden and encryption

The current and former directors of the world's most famous intelligence agency lay the blame for terror attacks including Paris at the feet of Edward Snowden and encrypted messaging.

NSA slams Snowden but accepts need for high-level debate on privacy

The deputy director of the NSA has accepted the need for a "macro" level debate about privacy and security but rejects the characterisation of Edward Snowden as a whistleblower.

Snowden smartphone allegations - security world unimpressed

Edward Snowden's appearance on last night's Panorama, and his phone hack allegations fail to shock security experts.

Data breach alert: the rising threat of contractors

With the increasing number of contractors being employed by organisations, it's vital that their access rights are regularly reviewed, says Paul Trulove.

GCHQ spies have been hacking anti-virus software

Britain's Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) is actively engaged in reverse engineering anti-virus software to identify exploitable vulnerabilities.

Claims encrypted Snowden files accessed now questioned

Cyber-security experts have cast doubt on a Sunday Times story which claimed that Russia and China have cracked the encrypted Snowden files.

The UK surveillance debate is only just getting started

UK terror watchdog, David Anderson QC, yesterday called for changes to existing surveillance laws. And while most of his recommendations have been welcomed, they're still likely to cause ructions in government, legal circles and in Silicon Valley.

GCHQ chief plays down bad guy image

GCHQ director general cyber secrurity, Ciaran Martin, spoke of the agency's information security initiatives and the latest cyber-crime trends at InfoSec 2015 - but wouldn't be pressed on the agency's surveillance operations.

NSA whistleblower Snowden a 'hero' - but not in the UK?

NSA and GCHQ whistleblower Edward Snowden and the film on his leaks, Citizenfour, were celebrated at an event in London last week, but questions remain whether the UK really got the message on privacy and government surveillance.

FBI, Europol and MI6 gang up on tech firms over encryption

Worldwide law enforcement continues to voice concerns over technology companies' increasing use of encryption.

GCHQ spying 'legal and essential', rules parliament body

The Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament (ISC) committee has ruled that GCHQ's surveillance is legal and essential, but notes that legislation governing surveillance bodies needs to be changed.