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Turning your security operations centre into a security decision centre

Until our industry creates a cyber-Enterprise Resource Planning, a SOC is the best place to create, apply, and increasingly automate processes and aggregate data into actionable intelligence.

Why SIEM is no longer enough for today's threats

Modern security operations centers need to shift from traditional SIEM-driven SOCs to Intelligence-Driven SOCs says Yitzhak Vager.

Interview. Airbus defends physical assets from fileless attacks & AI

In a wide ranging interview, Lloyd Rush, UK Cyber Defence Centre manager, Airbus Defence and Space provides SC with insight into the latest attack trends, including fileless, plus the threat of criminal AI use and SOC responses.

How threat intelligence can help you best utilise your security budget

SOC analysts are becoming buried in more security data every day and, without the right tools, identifying critical security insights and making the right recommendations in an efficient or effective manner is next to impossible.

Are SOCs failing? People-centric security is key in attack detection

In order for an organisation to see a clear return on its SOC investment - an investment that can currently see millions spent and effectively nothing gained - it needs to ask where its efforts are best focused says Luke Jennings

Is security automation the solution for overworked cyber-security staff?

Paul Cash discusses the use of automation technologies to improve security processes

AI in cyber-security - are we trying to run before we can crawl?

Intelligent and automated systems are currently being touted as the next step in cyber-security to help combat the 'always-on' cyber-criminal, but are they right for us? And are we prepared for them?

prpl Foundation reveals secure SoC service for IoT

The prpl Foundation has come up with a proof of concept System on a Chip (SoC) that uses hardware virtualisation.