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How to minimise the risks of LinkedIn - the hacker's research tool

Staff need ongoing training in defending against the latest threats - which currently includes LinkedIn says Andrew Tang, service director, security at MTI Technology

Prison escape via mobile phone highlights social engineering vulnerability

A prison escape with a fake release note, from a fake website, set up via mobile phone, demonstrates yet again that people are our biggest security vulnerability says Fotis Gagadis.

British army unit to tackle web-enabled warfare

A new British army brigade comprising military personnel and civilians will use psychological operations (psyops) and social media to engage in "non-lethal warfare".

Why we need a tighter framework for social engineering penetration testing

Protect against real-world threats and test the most likely scenarios using relevant models, including low-tech, says Gavin Watson.

Get Safe Online publishes online safety hints, tips and videos

Experts say the government should get involved with tackling the challenge of social engineering scams

The threat of shared privileged accounts on social media

Secure your social media platforms or risk brand damage and worse says Matt Middleton-Leal.

Facebook hit by apps scam on tenth birthday

Facebook had unwanted visitors on its tenth birthday - scammers that established a Facebook Apps page to phish for user credentials.

Think like an attacker:

Protecting enterprise endpoints in a rapidly evolving threat landscape

Second Microsoft hack by Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army has hacked Microsoft's social media accounts for the second time in two weeks.

Report shows netizens very wary of sharing their data

New EY report highlights backlash against Big Brother data collation

Fake Asos voucher scam tricks discount seekers

Scammers are targeting discount hunters with fake vouchers.

Spotted: New keylogging malware steals Tumblr log-in credentials

A new piece of malware is targeting regular users of Yahoo-owned microblogging website Tumblr

UK cyber crime losses halved

According to the latest figures in the Norton Report 2013 from Symantec, cybercrime losses in the UK have fallen by 54 per cent between 2012 and 2013, from £1.8 billion to £826 million per year, and the average loss per victim is down 30 per cent from £144 in 2012 to £101 in 2013 - with no clear-cut explanation for the colossal scale of this fall, given that the international trend for cybercrime continues to be upward.

FT suspends Twitter feed after apparent Syrian Electronic Army attack

A Twitter feed of the Financial Times has been suspended after it was hacked and malicious links posted.

Phishing messages plague office workers and social networks

Phishing messages continue to plague corporate workers, with an average of six messages received every day.

Web attacks are financial boon for crooks, Cisco finds

Cybercriminals are still making large sums of money by pushing spyware and pharmaceutical spam, but internet fraudsters will leverage banking Trojans and other web exploits, particularly on social networking sites, for far greater returns in the future, according to a new report from Cisco.

Britney Spears Twitpic account hacked; fake death posted

A vulnerability in a third-party service through which users post photos to their Twitter profiles allowed hackers on Sunday to falsely report that Britney Spears had died.

Facebook bloggers reveal way to peek at private profiles

Two Facebook fans generated a load of free publicity for their new blog when, in their maiden post, disclosed a vulnerability in the social-networking website that could enable outsiders to view parts of profiles that are set to private.

Twitter malicious software attacks drag on

Despite ongoing efforts to address the problem, attacks based on exploiting Twitter's "trending topics" show no sign of abating, according to researchers at Panda Security.