Half of UK companies have no way of tracking the distribution of their software licenses.


Research by SafeNet revealed that companies could be putting themselves at risk of hefty fines from software vendors due to illegal usage. Equally costly is the fact that some businesses are over-licensed and could be paying above the required amount for the level of access they need to applications.

Chris Holland, general manager of software rights management at SafeNet, said: “Having the technology in place to monitor the distribution of licenses across the organisation could end up saving a company money as many businesses unknowingly over-subscribe and pay too much for the service they need.


“The solution lies with software vendors. Greater communication is needed between the owners of the licence enforcement strategies and their end customers. Companies need to know that tools are available to help them track and monitor licence distribution. Failing to provide this, and then suing those who do not comply, is unhelpful, disruptive, and bad for business.”