Solicitors' firm Withy King has deployed a secure file transfer solution from Egress to protect and control information shared between it and its clients.

In response to increasing pressure to share confidential information electronically, Withy King has selected the Egress Switch solution that integrates with email applications and practice management systems; it offers data classification and customisable disclaimer notifications to make email encryption, media encryption and large file transfer simple and secure.

Dave Eagle, head of IT at Withy King, said: “It's clear how legal firms should handle confidential information, but when it came to implementing a solution that would directly impact our clients, we needed to be sure that we had chosen the best possible product.

“Having briefly considered using password-protected files and standard TLS encryption, we soon realised that our firm required a more sophisticated approach in order to satisfy regulatory requirements and changing business needs.

“The advice and information we provide remains Withy King's most valuable business asset. As such, we are compelled to use appropriate methods to ensure the protection of this data when transferred physically or electronically. Having fully implemented Egress Switch, we now encourage all of our clients to communicate securely, protecting our practice from the SRA and our clients from the ICO.”

Tony Pepper, CEO of Egress Software Technologies, said: “We are pleased to have been selected by Withy King to provide its users with a simple mechanism to send encrypted email, burn encrypted CDs or share large files.”