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Strengths: Very powerful, highly configurable UTM

Weaknesses: Support costs are a little pricey

Verdict: This one is a brute. If you need to address a very large, complicated requirement do not let the price put you off. You will not be disappointed

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SonicWall E-Class Network Security Appliance (NSA) E7500 is a high performance, highly configurable super UTM. It features the tools necessary to protect even the largest, most complex network environments. It includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, IPS and application intelligence and control at a blazing speed of 1.7Gbps, which greatly reduces latency through the gateway.

This appliance also uses the intelligence from SonicWall Labs and the SonicWall GRID Network to inspect for malware families at the gateway, ensuring that new variants of malware are caught before coming into the network.

We found setup and deployment to be quite simple. Once the appliance is connected to the network the web-based GUI can be launched from a network computer. The first time the web GUI is run it launches a setup wizard, which just about gets the product going with solid protection out of the box. At its completion the main management interface can be accessed.

The main focus of the NSA is flexibility. With several deployment scenarios and many configurable options it can be set up for even the most complex needs of the environment. Policies can be configured to be as granular or broad as needed. It can integrate quite well with many other devices, including SonicPoint wireless access points.

Documentation includes a very detailed getting-started guide in a well organised format that provided all of the steps to get the product up and running and some more advanced configuration steps. An administrator guide provided a continuation of the advanced configuration of the product features with more in-depth information. Both guides featured many screenshots and configuration examples, along with clear step-by-step instructions.

SonicWall offers high level 24/7 phone and email support, as well as firmware updates as part of a support contract at an additional cost per year.* Customers also have access to a large support area on the website that includes a knowledgebase and many other useful resources.

With its high price this product is not for everyone. However, we do find it excellent value for money for very large enterprises with complex and high security needs.

*In the US. Contact regional offices for local support details.

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