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Strengths: Easy-to-manage appliance with a lot of features for a good price

Weaknesses: Nothing that we found

Verdict: Another solid SonicWall feature set with excellent compliance reporting

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The SonicWall Email Security appliance offers full functional protection with solid filtering capability. It can protect from inbound threats such as viruses, worms, Trojans and zombie attacks. The device can also protect from outbound data leakage including sensitive or confidential data. Finally, it can protect the mail system against denial-of-service and harvesting attacks.

We found this product to be fairly easy to set up and manage. Setup is done via the web GUI and is comprised of several manual steps, which takes some time and leaves room for error or a missed step. We would have liked to see a setup wizard. However, the web-based GUI is quite intuitive and simple to navigate.

This device offers solid protection through its highly comprehensive policy engine. The engine can filter based on number schemes such as Social Security Numbers as well as predefined dictionaries. SonicWall Email Security also enforces regulatory compliance standards.

The filter can look inside attachments to add an extra layer of protection. Policy can be applied using integration directly with Active Directory using the already defined group and user structure.

This product comes with several PDF manuals, some of which are very specific guides on certain configurations. The two main manuals are the getting-started and the administrator guides. The getting-started guide details all the steps needed to get the appliance up and running in the network, while the administrator manual goes into in-depth management of policies and features. Both guides have many screenshots and configuration examples.

SonicWall offers office-hour or round-the-clock subscription-based support. Both levels include email and phone support as well as signature and threat updates. There is also web-based support available with a knowledge base and product documentation and information.

At a price just over £2,000, this product is excellent value for money. The appliance offers a fully comprehensive set of easy-to-manage tools to not only keep email threats out but keep data in.

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