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Pro 2040 £1,022, SonicPoint (tri-mode) £254 SonicPoint (dual mode G) £202, Pro 4100 £3,586

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Strengths: Ideal for smaller budgets

Weaknesses: Pro 2040 only provides services for SonicWall kit and the TZ-170 device

Verdict: Great for SMEs with a SonicWall environment

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The SonicWall Pro 2040 is an appliance-based wireless security manager. The device also doubles as a firewall, a content-management appliance, a strong authentication device and also supports the 802.1X protocol. The Pro 2040 allows for configuration and management of SonicWall SonicPoints.

The management of SonicPoint devices uses http and SSL connection to the management interface that resides on the Pro 2040. Each SonicPoint is added to one of a configurable number of SonicPoint groups. These groups provide the configuration settings that the SonicPoint access point will use. The Pro 2040 was able to detect a rogue access point.

Setting up the SonicWall Pro 2040 hardware was a breeze. The most challenging part of the installation is the registration and firmware upgrade. After registering the unit and downloading the latest version of the SonicOS, we uploaded the new firmware and rebooted the Pro 2040. Upon restart, the machine would consistently power cycle. After around ten cycles we unplugged the unit, waited about five minutes, restored power and waited for the device to boot. Once the Pro 2040 was booted, we were able to gain access to the management interface after attaching an Ethernet cable to the device. Once the device was flashed and configured, it was rock steady and we had no further problems during the review.

SonicWall has outstanding documentation, mostly available from the SonicWall website. The site features demonstrations and configuration for common environments. There are also several PDFs available as product documentation that are indexed and searchable. In addition, SonicWall provides an online knowledge base.

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