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Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection 9



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£33 for 100 users

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Strengths: All of the usual endpoint features plus data leakage and encryption

Weaknesses: A lack of a remotely accessible web-based console could be perceived as a negative

Verdict: It is not the most polished looking product but the overall value for so many endpoint protection features is excellent. Recommended

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Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection 9 is a software solution designed to protect endpoints from various host and network-based threats, as well as data leakage and disclosure.

It comprised a backend server console that is installed on Microsoft Windows using Microsoft SQL Server. Client protection agents can be deployed to any number of hosts that are running Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.

Installation took only a few minutes. The administrative portion is a locally installed program that typically resides on a Windows backend server. Although a remotely accessible web-based console would have been nice, the solution makes up for this with its capabilities.

Sophos has taken all of the typical endpoint protection mechanisms and added onto it by including some data leakage and protection capabilities as well. All of the administrative features needed by most companies are included (minus the web-based interface) such as reports and notifications. The administrative UI is not the most polished looking piece of software, but it is fairly easy to navigate.

Deploying endpoint agents to client hosts is also a very easy task and the support for various client operating systems is impressive. Sophos has rolled several key protection areas into modular categories within its solution. Anti-malware, client firewall, HIPS, application control, removable media protection, NAC, data leakage protection and encryption are all part of the suite. Overall it is a very impressive list of protection technologies. All of the features are governed by centralised policy management and easily distributed to client agents.

We were especially impressed with the inclusion of very detailed data leakage protection monitoring using content control lists. The solution will help control how data is used when it spots pre-defined strings such as credit cards numbers.

The help file included on the management console is very detailed and contains all of the information needed to successfully manage the solution. Standard support is included with the purchase price and comes with 24/7 phone and email support, 365 days a year. This also includes access to the Sophos support site. Additional enhanced services are available.

We award this product Recommended.

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