Sophos has announced the launch of the SafeGuard Enterprise Solution 5.40.

It is a multi-layered, centrally managed endpoint data security encryption and data leakage prevention solution designed to protect desktops and other portable devices. New benefits include removable media encryption and enhanced data protection.

The company claimed that it developed the latest version after receiving customer feedback, where it made enhancements to the data exchange module for removable media encryption.

It said that among the features is a new single sign-on pass phrase that allows access to all encrypted files on a removable device, and portability for offline users, regardless of the key used for encryption.

An enhanced configuration protection module provides file blocking based on file-types during read/write from portable media ensuring better control over confidential data. Customised data loss prevention rule sets can be applied without having to entirely block or allow devices, improving user productivity.

Finally local self help options allow standalone users to recover forgotten passwords without any helpdesk interaction - lowering costs and providing business continuity when no phone/web connection to the helpdesk is available.

Nagraj Seshadri, data protection specialist at Sophos, said: “With this latest Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise offering, customers will continue to receive maximum data protection with encryption and DLP – it will be easier for them to deploy and manage, allowing their end-users to go about their business safely and uninterrupted.”