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Story behind how low-level Apple employee leaked iBoot source code

Much like a horror movie in which a close nit group of friends steal something for a good time only to open Pandora's Box, the story behind how Apple's iBoot source code leaked plays out similar to the plot of 28 Days Later.

Apple's closely-guarded iBoot source code made public on GitHub

Apple's proprietary iBoot source code which loads iOS when iPhones are powered on, leaked on GitHub yesterday, exposing the code to cyber-criminals looking to jailbreak iPhones or to exploit vulnerabilities in the booting process.

Global tech firms let Russian defence agency peek at source code for flaws

A handful of tech companies have given a Russian defence agency the opportunity to sort the source code of their software, to uncover vulnerabilities that the Russians say could be exploited by bad actors.

Source code of Mirai DDoS Trojan released online

Over the weekend, the source code of the Trojan which used huge numbers of IoT devices to form a botnet and attack the websites of security blogger Brian Krebs and European web hosting company OVH, with a DDoS attack was released online.

Five common enterprise questions about OpenStack security

Travis McPeak lists the top five OpenStack questions often asked by users and technologists and provides responses to each