Sourcefire has released appliances to offer a 40GB interface in an intrusion-prevention appliance.

The 3D7000 series of appliances is for mid-range performance networks, while an SSL appliance delivers fast decryption. Sourcefire said the 3D8000 platform is agile enough to adapt to modular and programmable fail-open interfaces, using its FirePOWER unified security architecture.

According to the company, the 3D8000 series allows quad stacking to deliver over 40Gbps of IPS inspection in 10Gbps performance stages. It said this throughput scalability enables customers to purchase a device based on current performance requirements and then expand throughput as needed.

The SSL 2000 appliance enables customers to see inside encrypted communications to check for attack and misuse at the highest performance point available. With up to 2Gbps of SSL traffic decrypted in up to 10Gbps of overall traffic, this works on both inbound and outbound SSL traffic.

Marc Solomon, senior vice-president of marketing at Sourcefire, said: “The 3D8000 series and the 3D7000 series appliances illustrate our commitment to the customer, providing them with the flexibility to select their current solution and expand capabilities as their needs change in the future.”