Sourcefire has announced that it will receive vulnerability information from Microsoft in advance of monthly security bulletins


As a partner in the Microsoft Active Protections Program, the early notification will help the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT) better anticipate emerging threats and continue its track record of delivering timely protection against new and dynamic attacks.


Matt Watchinski, senior director of the Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team, said: “By writing rules designed to detect all attempts to exploit a vulnerability, instead of just the exploits themselves, the VRT takes a comprehensive approach to protecting its users' assets. The MAPP program is evidence that Microsoft shares our commitment to delivering comprehensive security solutions.”


Mark Miller, director of Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing product management, said: “Our partners share our passion for industry collaboration to protect a world full of Internet users. No one company can accomplish this by itself. That is why we are partnering with Sourcefire to advance and improve security.”