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Absolute Software is to launch a computer theft recovery software service.

Absolute Software is to launch a computer theft recovery software service.


Computrace LoJack for Laptops, licensed from the name of the technology that provides software in North America to source stolen and lost cars, it is a theft recovery and data protection service that uses software to track, locate and recover stolen laptop and desktop computers.


The Absolute Theft Recovery team uses the technology and investigative techniques to trace a stolen computer and gather evidence, and then works with local authorities to recover the computer. In addition, data can be deleted remotely from a stolen computer to help protect the customer's private information.


John Livingston, chairman and CEO at Absolute Software, said: “Computer security is not just a business issue – it's something every individual with any type of computer needs to consider.


“Replacing computers if stolen can be expensive, especially when you include the value of the music, information and priceless photos that are on them. In the current climate, theft is becoming more common with the increasingly mobile world providing plenty of opportunity.

“In short, LoJack for Laptops gives people a safeguard against theft and a contingency plan should the worst happen.”

Brenda Robb, marketing manager EMEA for Absolute Software, explained that the software works by 'calling home' every 24 hours when the computer is connected to the network. If it is unable to call home, and it is reported stolen, it will send an alert signal every 15 minutes to Absolute, who is able to trace it via an IP address and network connection.

LoJack for Laptops is available to buy online from May and will be available for Windows and Mac OS.


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