IronKey is working alongside IT security specialists Caretower to provide South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service with secure data protection.

Using IronKey Enterprise, it claimed that senior officers can carry sensitive data without risking violating the UK Data Protection Act in the event a device is lost or stolen.

Following demonstrations and evaluations of Caretower's recommended solutions, the Fire and Rescue Service decided to deploy IronKey Enterprise as it offered the assurance that even if a device was stolen, administrators could track and record the use of the device before remotely destroying all data held on it.

In addition, senior administrators could easily manage IronKey Enterprise devices and enforce device-specific policies, including password strength, password retry limits and onboard portable applications.

The need for mobile data access for officers while out in the field was a key driver, but the IT security team was also keen to have control over each device. With this in mind they worked through a selection process of potential solution providers with Caretower.

Colin Woodland, VP EMEA at IronKey, said: “As the Information Commissioner's Office is now able to fine organisations up to £500,000 for a data loss, the pressure has increased greatly on IT departments to find a way of protecting data while allowing employees to carry out their work without any restrictions.

“From day one, the goal for South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and IronKey partner Caretower has been to deliver a solution which sets a benchmark for data security alongside an easy to use solution.”

An IT support officer at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “The service is continually working to make South Yorkshire a safer place, so when data losses in other government agencies hit the news headlines, we took the necessary steps to ensure that all sensitive data stored on USB devices is secure and fully encrypted.”