A Google representative has been summoned to appear before a judge in Madrid following a complaint by a Spanish privacy watchdog.

According to a BBC News report, the privacy watchdog Apedanica has issued a formal complaint over the collection of personal web activity from unsecured networks by the Google Street View cars. A Google representative has been summoned to explain what data was collected, how it was obtained and the number of people affected.

In a press statement, it said that it filed the suit with Judge Raquel Fernandino summoning a legal representative of Google in Spain to appear before her on the 4th October. Fernandino has asked Spanish police to provide her with information on ‘the tools used for the capturing of data', as well as the destination of such data and the number of users affected.

The case brought by Apedanica, with details of reports and other commissioners' criticisms, said that Apedanica, along with cita.es and miguelgallardo.es have asked the attorney Valentin Playa and the solicitor of the Courts of Madrid, Miguel Torres Alvarez to appear as soon as possible to prepare the interrogation of a legal representative of Google in Spain.

The preliminary investigation of the Coroner's Court 45 include a trade ‘to the Provincial Brigade Computer Crime to report to this court on the allegations, on the instruments used for data capture, if the type of data obtained in Madrid has the same fate, as well as the number of customers affected.'

Google Spain's director of communications and public affairs, Marisa Toro, told the Spanish newspaper El Mondo that the company works ‘in all countries with institutions and judicial authorities to answer any questions you have'.

She said: “Our ultimate goal is to remove the data in accordance with our legal obligations and in consultation with the competent authorities.”