The dating website has been hit by a spam campaign which spreads the Papras Trojan downloader.


Websense claimed that it received thousands of malicious emails in its email Honey Pot system. The email claims that someone wants to show the user her pictures and videos, and lures the user into visiting the malicious website set up by the attacker.


When the user starts to watch the video on the website, they are asked to install a streaming video player - which is the Papras Trojan that has relatively low anti-virus detection.


Websense threat seeker manager Carl Leonard, said: “This is an ongoing campaign that changes its theme like you'd change your socks – to keep things fresh. They've a history of targeting social networking sites such as and, and sending thousands of malicious emails in a short space of time encourages a higher success rate, as people are less familiar with this new theme.


“This time round the Papras Trojan communicates back to an IP address; the end game is to steal login credentials and passwords from the compromised machine.”