AdaptiveMobile has launched an SMS spam reporting and protection service aimed at allowing consumers to report and protect themselves from unwanted messages.

Available as a smartphone application, the company said that it has a one-click reporting mechanism that makes spam easy to report and provides operators with more actionable information on how best to protect their subscribers.

Research from earlier this year by AdaptiveMobile found that 50 per cent of 1,000 UK smartphone users would open an SMS text message from someone they don't know, yet 83 per cent were concerned about the data and information stored on their phone.

According to the company, current reporting services show SMS spam on only those networks where reporting technology has been installed and these fail to protect the customer from future spam.

This reporting service will give operators a much broader view of SMS spam attacks to ensure that their network protection solutions are tailored to defend their enterprise and consumer customers against current and future threats, whilst allowing end-users to block unwanted SMS spam.

Brian Collins, CEO of AdaptiveMobile, said: “While we believe that the most comprehensive form of protection lies in the core of a mobile operator's network, our unique network-to-handset security solutions mean that we are able to help turn a mobile device into an added layer of protection for subscribers.

“With this new service, subscribers will be able to take more control of their own protection, whilst at the same time providing invaluable and, until now, unavailable insight to their network operator.”