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Cloudmark identifies iomart worst for spamming in UK

Scotland-based iomart has been identified as the leading UK source of spam last month by email security firm Cloudmark.

Tens of thousands of surfers taken to Neverland

A spam email campaign purporting to come from the Bournemouth Pavilion theatre about a Christmas performance of Peter Pan has hit tens of thousands of computer users worldwide.

Spamhaus seeks arrests of non-EU DDoS attackers

Anti-spam organisation Spamhaus welcomes two arrests in the UK and Spain, and now seeks others outside the EU, which commentators believe is unlikely to happen.

UK shines as spam levels soar worldwide

Sophos' latest report into the top spam-relaying nations finds that this is a global trend which often leads to bigger malware attacks.

Exclusive: Bitly hit by DDoS attack

The website of URL shortening service Bitly was down on Wednesday morning.The company has blamed a DDoS attack.

Fake Asos voucher scam tricks discount seekers

Scammers are targeting discount hunters with fake vouchers.

UK Spam levels soaring before holidays

Pre-Christmas volumes push UK into pole position in the spam league

Spammers target Amazon holiday shoppers with Trojan-infected emails

Researchers at Malwarebytes say that spammers are targeting Amazon account holders with emails carrying two different types of Trojan malware.

Security issues raised on Gmail's automatic image display

Google has tweaked Gmail so that users can now see images in-line with their emails, but the change could compromise the client's security.

Bitcoin-themed malware 'rising sharply'

Experts are warning users to expect a steep rise in Bitcoin-themed malware attacks following discovery of a new virus called Bitcoin Alarm

Google responds to call for more security

In response to an open letter from dozens of noted security analysts, Google this week said it intends to more broadly turn on security features in its Gmail application by default.

RSA: Cybercriminals keeping up with banking safeguards

Threats are becoming more sophisticated, and cybercriminals are getting smarter at evading new authentication controls, according to an RSA Conference panel of security practitioners representing three major financial institutions.

New Symbian mobile malware in the wild

A new worm targeting mobile devices running Nokia's Symbian OS is spreading in China in a unique way: through malicious links contained in text messages.

Angelina Jolie tops spammers' list of names used to tempt

The most popular bait used by spammers is 'Angelina Jolie' - four times as popular as Barack Obama whose name falls behind in second place.

Spam attacks 'quadrupled in just three months'

UK spamming attacks have quadrupled in frequency since the start of 2008, according to an anti-spam software company.

X-Force at mid-year: Cybercriminals get faster

Cybercriminals are adopting new automation techniques and improving on strategies that enable them to exploit vulnerabilities rapidly, a new study reveals.

Is Limbo 2 the ultimate trojan?

Prevx, an internet security company headquartered in Derby has discovered a new trojan designed to steal information from large banking institutions. Jacques Erasmus, director of malware research, told on Friday that the Limbo 2 trojan might be the most sophisticated trojan yet released.

Angelina Jolie spoof tempts unwary users

Spammers are using fake information relating to Angelina Jolie to trick users into downloading and installing trojans.

"Spam King" Soloway to be sentenced on 22 July

The sentencing of Robert Soloway, the so-called Seattle "Spam King" who pleaded guilty in March to delivering millions of unwanted emails, has been delayed until next week.

Online auction site goes to war on spam

Google and eBay have joined forces to protect users from spam and malicious emails by leveraging an authentication technology called DomainKeys.

Cybercriminals move with the times

Cybercrooks are using new technologies and reinventing forms of social engineering to ensnare consumers and businesses, security experts warn.

Multiple vendors cooperate to issue DNS design flaw fix

A massive domain name server (DNS) design vulnerability that could permit cache poisoning - effectively allowing an attacker to direct users to the website of his choosing - is set to be fixed by an unprecedented synchronized series of multivendor patches.

Pacific island knocked off internet by DDoS attack

The Marshall Islands have been subjected to a prolonged bout of unexpected email traffic, preventing citizens receiving emails, but the reason for the attack remains unclear

Trend Micro takes security into the cloud

The software vendor has unveiled its new approach to internet security, which means transferring the workload off individual PCs and into the internet

Sophos signs up execs from two of its rivals

The security company has appointed senior executives from both Trend Micro and Symantec in order to bolster its marketing efforts

SonicWALL extends unified threat management line

The security vendor is to offer a UTM appliance to the SME market after it reported sales up nearly a quarter year-on-year