Computer users should remain vigilant following a spate of spam messages exploiting interest in the new Simpsons film, security experts have warned.

The bogus messages claim that recipients will receive a £250 Visa gift voucher for participating in an online survey. Each email contains a picture of the character Homer Simpson, which asks the user to carry out the questionnaire.

Clicking on the image redirects the user to a web page branded with similar graphics of The Simpsons, which asks the surfer to confirm their email address.

However, the company behind the Simpsons film, which is released in cinemas later this month, has not endorsed the email and security vendors have advised recipients to delete it immediately.

Spammers used a similar tactic last month, when they exploited interest in the latest Harry Potter film. The hackers spread a worm, which infected USB drives, via messages claiming to contain details about the movie.