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SpammerTrap SME-500


SECNAP Network Security Corporation




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Strengths: State-of-the-art spam detection

Weaknesses: Lacks any other features

Verdict: SpammerTrap does not follow the rest of the convergence patterns we are seeing. It is dedicated to one function, anti-spam, and it does that very well

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SECNAP's SpammerTrap is just what the name would suggest. This product is a dedicated spam detection and protection tool. The appliance focuses on spam by keeping more than 40 real-time blacklists and using four different sender reputation databases.

It also incorporates the use of heuristics and self-training using Bayesian logic. Also incorporated is an email firewall with anti-virus.

This product was simple to install. The initial setup is done by connecting a keyboard and monitor to the device and entering network and IP information.

After completing initial configuration the web-based GUI is accessed for some additional setup including basic filtering information. The GUI uses a simple tab-top navigation structure and is quite easy to use.

Policy for this appliance is quite straightforward. As it only manages spam, most of the work takes place in the background and requires little input from the administrator.

All this device needs is basic information about the environment and it does the rest by itself, including integrating into the already existing LDAP user directory.

Documentation for this product is comprised of a quick-start card and user and administrator manuals. The quick-start card is a single sheet of paper that gives a few steps to get the appliance up and running.

The other manuals focus on more in-depth details regarding configuration and getting the most out of SpammerTrap. These manuals also contain many screenshots for further illustration of certain functions.

Customers receive a year of 24/7 support with the purchase of SpammerTrap. This includes phone and email support, as well as access to a large dedicated area on the website with a knowledge base, product FAQs and documentation

At £3,309, we find this product to be average value for money. SpammerTrap may be the king of spam filters, but it has no other features to bring to the table. If full email content management is what you are looking for, this product is not it.