Consumerisation worries public sector IT managers
Consumerisation worries public sector IT managers

Mobile users have admitted to being less aware of threats than they are on PCs.

According to a survey of 130 IT security professionals at this year's Infosecurity Europe conference, 62 percent believe they are far more likely to fall for a phishing attack if they are targeted via their mobile phone.

The survey found that 23 per cent felt most vulnerable when they were looking at emails on the phones whilst travelling, while 30 per cent felt early on Monday morning and late Friday nights were their worst times for falling foul of phishing scams.

Rohyt Belani, CEO of PhishMe, said: “It is increasingly important that employees recognise suspicious communications sent to both desktop and mobile platforms, particularly as more and more mobile devices are connected to the corporate network and have access to confidential data.

“As has been demonstrated in recent months, hackers are gaining access to seemingly highly secure systems by targeting employees through spear phishing.”