Spear-Phishing News, Articles and Updates

Spear-phishers hijack in-progress conversation in highly-targeted attack

Middle-eastern bank, international sporting organisation and Asian individuals were victims of a highly-targeted attack that interrupted an in-progress conversation using compromised credentials.

'Aggressive' phishing campaign against travellers claims 90% success

Criminals lure corporate travellers into installing malware and surrendering credentials with new spear-phishing campaign dressed up as airline tickets.

Phishing emails promising invites to cyber-security conference actually dispersing malware

Threat actors have been discovered trying to infect security-minded individuals with a trojan downloader by sending spear-phishing emails that offer free invitations to Palo Alto Networks' Cyber-Security Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Human Factors (Security | Insecurity) on your mind

When designing security systems, it is vital to factor the human into the equation, otherwise, as Tom Reeve explains, you end up with confused users and vulnerable systems

No inbox left behind: What security education lacks and how we might fix it

Itay Glick says that new spear-phishing scams suggest that this method of spreading malware will surely continue to grow

The anatomy of a spear-phishing scam, or how to steal US $100M with a fake email

Stealing $100 million (£70.4M) from a major US corporation should be hard than setting up a fake email account, but for one cyber-criminal enterprise this is all it took.

Researchers spot macro malware used to spread Neutrino

Researchers at Zscaler spotted attackers using macro malware as a vector to spread the Neutrino bot via spearphishing emails.

Gaza cyber-gang sending malware files to IT and IR personnel

A Middle Eastern cyber-group seeking higher levels of access to specific networks has turned its focus to IT security personnel.