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Imprivata has launched a new division of its company dedicated data protection in the healthcare sector.

Imprivata has launched a new division of its company dedicated data protection in the healthcare sector.

The company claimed that its Global Healthcare Division reinforces its commitment to help hospitals make patient data easily accessible throughout clinical workflows, enforce patient privacy and deploy transparent security.

Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata, said: “Healthcare organisations are facing a confluence of trends and regulations that are driving change across the entire industry, however providing optimum patient care remains the constant priority.

“Built upon nearly a decade of healthcare industry experience, Imprivata's Global Healthcare Division is focused on quickly delivering innovations to a fast-moving market.”

The Global Healthcare Division is committed to helping hospitals and healthcare organisations improve patient outcomes by simplifying and securing user access to patient health information.

Analyst Steve Coplan of the 451 Group said: “In the healthcare environment, IT security must serve to maintain the privacy of patient data – but not at the cost of disrupting the clinical workflow.

“Imprivata's design goal for its access and authentication platform is to enable the definition of workflows that address the need for IT security to provide controls that balance risk management, sensible compliance management and productivity.”

The company has also introduced two new products to its portfolio to meet the needs of healthcare. Secure Walk-away protects unattended workstations from unauthorised access through the use of facial tracking technology. It registers the authorised user's face, and locks the desktop upon their departure, automatically re-authenticating when the user returns.

Hussain said: “Hundreds of customers have been asking us to address the problem of unattended workstations without impacting clinical workflows. Our goal has always been to help hospitals to deploy transparent security that simplifies user access.

“Our customers are excited about the instant re-authentication capabilities of OneSign Secure Walk-Away because it solves the major workflow and productivity issues hospitals face in their fast-paced environments.”

Imprivata PrivacyAlert quickly detects snooping, identity theft and general inappropriate access of medical records through its automated pattern recognition, which delivers alerts on more than 100 patient privacy scenarios.


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